Last year I quit my well paid, but way too stressful and overwhelming job. I started a new, exciting, but not quite stable life and I do not regret it. So far… 🙂

I didn’t do it in a specifically set time like New Years or other “special date”. I did it when I was really ready (or maybe a little later than that).  I was thinking about making this step for a long, long while and there was never good time to finally do it. Well, there never is…  I was wondering lately, how come that we can wait with the smaller decisions as much as we wait with the biggest ones. Why do we procrastinate even when it comes to much simpler things than turning your whole world upside down? Why do we always say tomorrow?  Maybe because we do not really believe in success or we do not really want things to change? Are we too lazy sometimes…?

I will work out starting next week. This year I will really save money. I will be nicer to people. I will read more. I will start eating healthy from next month. Well, those things never work.. Because most of the time we are not ready for the change to happen or we are nor determined enough.

That is why I do not make New Years Resolutions! I learned that if I want things to happen I start and make a change immediately. If you want result now start NOW!

New Years 2018

That is why I promise myself that from NOW on I will:

  • always follow my intuition
  • not allow anyone else to schedule my life
  • never lie to myself …well, maybe only in case I say it is the ‘last drink this evening’ and only when it is really worth it 🙂
  • always put my family (including myself) before work
  • listen to people who wish me well, or at least consider their opinion
  • stand up for my beliefs
  • be nicer to people in general and try to appreciate their efforts
  • say nice things to others more often

I do not put the numbers to this list, because there is no schedule or priorities.

I believe that If you really want to do something, do it NOW.. start from today, not tomorrow, not next Monday nor New Years. Believe in your success and do not procrastinate, because if you want the result now, why start your efforts tomorrow? Is it logical? Moreover we should remember that when it comes to some of decisions, it should be “sooner than later”, but unfortunately sometimes it is “now or never”…

I wish you that you could make at least one decision in this new year and stick to it in order to complete your goal !!!

Happy New Year

Please also read my post on How to get thing done? in order to start achieving your goals now!



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