Wow, I’ve been here in Amed already two months, the time passes so quickly, especially when you have a lot of interesting things to do. So what have I been doing except for diving of course? Driving around and taking photos, trying local (and not only) food, staring in awe at amazing views and trying to observe the everyday life or local people.

So here are some impressions of Bali from the person who spent here only two months..

TEMPLES – Bali is surely not the Island of Thousand Temples, as people call it.. there are at least million of them on the island. Apart from big and popular temples – Pura – that you can see on the covers of the tour operator’s catalogues there are myriad of tiny shrines, that are just inevitable part of Bali landscape. Every Balinese house have a small temple, where the family gives the daily offerings – Canang Sari to various gods present in the Balinese Hinduism. But this is not the end.. there are temples on the rice fields, outside the shops, hotels or gas stations, near the waterfalls, literally everywhere.

Pura Lempuyang temple, near Amlapura, Bali.
Pura Lempuyang temple, near Amlapura, Bali.
pura lempuyang temple
Pura Lempuyang temple, near Amlapura, Bali.
waterfall temple
Small shrine aside Les Waterfall Yeh Mempeh.
Mysterious temple hidden between the rice fields.

SCENT – first thing that I noticed here in Bali as a newcomer was a scent. Everything here smells of flowers, coconut and most of all incense sticks. The beautiful fragrance has a lot to do with above mentioned rituals, as flowers and incense sticks are major part of the offerings. You can find them in the entrance to every house or warung – local restaurant.

A small offering place in one of the warungs, Amed.
A small offering place in one of the warungs, Amed.

KITES – I noticed them from the airplane first time we were landing on Denpasar airport, but at that time I has no idea what they were. There is a big Bali Kite Festival held in July, when the giant kites are flown by the competing teams, but apart from that throughout the dry season you can spot kites of various shapes and sizes over most of the rice fields. It is a common entertainment for both adults and children, and it surely adds the spell the to the Balinese landscape.

Kite over the rice fields in Candidasa.
Kite over the rice fields in Candidasa.

MOTORBIKES – it is hard to tell how many motorbikes or scooters are there in Bali, but it seems as if there is at least one per each habitant or tourist. Everyone rides a scooter from a few years old kids giving a lift to their even younger siblings to the elderly ladies coming back from the field with huge baskets of vegetables. What you can see on Balinese roads is sure to leave you with your jaw on the floor. Man driving with the hen under his arm? Nothing unusual.. Girl on the busy road in the center of Denpasar with a live duck in the bag between her feet? Family of four riding on small scooter at full speed while mother in the back is breastfeeding the youngest child? Don’t get me started on the dogs 🙂 It seems it is their favourite amusement to jump on the back seat or just in front of you and take a small ride. Surely driving a motorbike in Bali can be challenging, but at the same time it is a perfect entertainment in and of itself. You just hop on and wander around and you are certain either to see some awesome views or witness some funny situation. Oh, yes.. and one more thing.. Very often you can spot the diving instructors going for a fun dive like this…

The quickest way to get to your favourite dive spot..
bikes 1
Don’t you think there are more bikes than man? Just couple of guys met for the volleyball match.

So that’s it for now.. I will surely post some more pictures and share more observations from this beautiful island soon.

17 thoughts on “TWO MONTHS IN BALI

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  1. I am so jealous of this trip! I would love to be here for 2 months! So much to do and see! sounds like you had such a great time, and the pictures make me so jealous.


  2. Oh, Bali is one of my favorite islands. Really loved to read the article, photos are amazing. In our country, there are so many islands and among these Saint Martin island is the best. Thanks for sharing the post.


  3. Loved reading your blog post. I live in Thailand and I can relate to a lot of your thoughts. I hope that I can visit Bali too in the near future!


    1. Actually I’m in Amed, where because of proximity of Agung volcano the beaches are mostly rocky and black, but I will surely go for a trip to visit the most beautiful beaches of Bali soon 🙂


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